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Welcome to Zylera Pharmaceuticals

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Zylera Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops, acquires and commercializes prescription pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements and markets those products in the U.S.  Zylera has a diversified portfolio of products prescribed by pediatricians and women’s health clinicians to treat various conditions.  The company is also developing unique products that will improve patient’s lives.

Three Strategic Priorities:

  • Maximize Value
  • Partner with High Performing Organizations
  • Maintain a Lean and Efficient Operating Model

Zylera is focused on maximizing the value of its current portfolio by educating healthcare professionals and patients about the benefits of its products and the importance of patient compliance.  The company also focuses on licensing and acquiring rights to intellectual property that will enhance the clinical benefit of its products and manage the products life cycle.

Partnering is a key component of Zylera’s business model.  The goal of partnering is to create new opportunities that may not be achievable without another organization while providing options which manage risk.  Identifying high performing organizations that can help accelerate the time-to-market and maximize the portfolio is critical to developing new products, improving patient’s lives and building value.

As a high performing organization Zylera is committed to remaining lean and efficient.  By doing this Zylera ensures the company is working on the right thing with shorter time-to-market while doing the right things right, every time.

The mission of Zylera is to develop and commercialize new and better pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements that improve patient’s lives.